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Because of our extensive network of trusted contacts, developed over the many years A RETIRED COLLECTION LLC has been in business, we're often able to locate rare or difficult-to-find and unusual items for our clients - that is, if we don't already have them in our stock. Using our exclusive and unique search engine (see instructions below), you can search for the items you want. If the item is in stock, we can have it shipped to you in little time at all. If the item is not in stock, it may take a little longer. If not currently available, you can backorder it and we'll do our best to find it for you. Click here to purchase an eGiftCard.

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Search for prices and pictures of Lladró figurines with our exclusive and unique search engine. We carry or can locate impossible-to-find Lladró figurines. You can buy and sell your retired Lladró right here at Janet's website! Search

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Janet's Buy Tip #1
We do not claim to have the lowest price. The Internet is a big place. Do not hesitate to shop around. ...read more

Janet's Buy Tip #2
We guarantee 100% perfect MINT condition. That means "as if" your figurine was delivered directly from the Lladró factory in Valencia, Spain. ...read more

Janet's Buy Tip #3
Make certain you are buying the correct item number. Lladró has made many figurines in a variety of finishes. ...read more

Janet's Buy Tip #4
Frequently, items have companion pieces or come in sets. Scroll down below individual item photo to click links to related pieces. ...read more

Janet's Buy Tip #5
If you can't decide which figurine to buy for a gift ocassion, ...read more

Featured Lladro Figurine
Sweethearts Lladro
Sweethearts Lladró

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Featured Lladro Figurine
Spanish Dancer Lladro
Spanish Dancer Lladró

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Young Women Lladro
Young Women Lladro
Romance Lladro
Romance Lladro
Elegant Ladies Lladro
Elegant Ladies Lladro

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