Retired: 1980ALLEGORY TO PEACE Lladró

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Spanish Name:
ALEGORIA A LA PAZ   -  Limited Edition (6)  -  Sold to private collector in USA  -  28 December 2012.  -    -  Lladro Online Auction (signed by Juan Lladro) SOLD 10 December 2008 @ USD $50,000.
Sculptor: Juan Huerta
Last Retail: $50,000.00 Finish: Gres
Year Issued: 1969 Height (in): 26.25
Year Retired: 1980 Width (in): 19.00
Exclusive to... President Ronald Reagan, His Holiness Pope Paul VI, His Excellency Generalisimo Francisco Franco, Prime Minister of West Germany - Chancellor Willi Brandt and YOU, subject to prior sale.
Limited Edition (6),

Lladro Online Auction (signed by Juan Lladro) SOLD 10 December 2008 @ USD $50,000.

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