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"Sell This Lladró" button in Item Detail record lets you post that specific item for sale. You can sell your Lladró individually or as an entire set through this Website. You may later LOGIN to update, modify or delete your listings at any time. A RETIRED COLLECTION LLC. does not deal in current pieces. We deal in the secondary market for retired Lladró only. It's easy to get started... don't forget to REGISTER first. Retrieve the item you want to sell. Then click button to left of photo to ADD ITEM FOR SALE, fill in the blanks and SUBMIT. If you are the low seller at the time of our next sale, our computer program will automatically notify you by email with specific shipping instructions. If your piece passes inspection to 100% perfect MINT condition, we pay you by company check. We do not use PayPal. It is our responsibility to reship to and to collect payment from our buyer.

Janet's Selling Tips

Janet Gale Hammer speaking about the process of selling Lladró

Janet loves to talk about Lladró.
Janet's Sell Tip #1
Please do not list pieces for sale on our Web site using our selling price. We just cannot make any money that way! The lowest seller may be located in Brooklyn or Tahiti... that's why we do not pay incoming freight and insurance. ...read more

Janet's Sell Tip #2
Our system automatically buys from the lowest seller first. However, if your piece is very rare, you could be the only seller. ...read more

Janet's Sell Tip #3
You need to know specific Lladró I.D. Number to properly list each figurine for sale. The I.D. Number you want is ...read more

Janet's Sell Tip #4
In general, we do not buy entire collections. At last count, there were less than 1,000 "active" items in the product line but, to-date, there more than ...read more

Janet's Sell Tip #5
On any given day, we actually do carry slightly more than 1,000 "retired" pieces in our physical stock. ...read more

Janet's Sell Tip #6
The original Lladró box is a good thing to have. However, it is not an absolute requirement to sell your figurine. ...read more


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