Related Set - Pre-Production Prototype (Uncatalogued)

Pre-Production Prototype (Uncatalogued)
Many LladrĂ³ sculptures stand alone with no piece variations, companions, or sets to keep them company. If you are looking for a specific theme or thought to display beside your lonely figurine, try searching by keyword(s) to find the synergistic match you are looking for.

  Item # Name Finish Issued Retired Price
Girl With Owl Lamp PP110 Girl With Owl Lamp Glazed 1965 N/A $2,000.00
Landscape Urn 01000045 Landscape Urn
Glazed 1953 1953 $0.00
Noble Lady 01000109.05 Noble Lady Glazed 1958 1960 $3,350.00
Girl w/Flower Basket 01000226a Girl w/Flower Basket Glazed 1958 1980 $2,250.00
Hunting Dog w/Quail 01000308.13A Hunting Dog w/Quail Glazed 1963 1980 $2,250.00
Hunting Dog w/Quail 01010308.13A Hunting Dog w/Quail Matte 1963 1969 $3,200.00
Vase No. 8 01000316.06 Vase No. 8 Glazed 1958 N/A $6,666.00
Polar Bear (Big) 01000328.13x Polar Bear (Big) Glazed 1965 N/A $3,400.00
Polar Bear (Brown) 01000328.13y Polar Bear (Brown) Glazed 1965 N/A $2,700.00
Greek Shepherd (Matte) 01000342.13a Greek Shepherd (Matte)
Matte 1962 N/A $4,100.00
Cocker Spaniel 01000441 Cocker Spaniel Glazed 1960 1965 $2,000.00
Couple of Cocker Spaniels 01000442 Couple of Cocker Spaniels Glazed 1960 1965 $2,750.00
Couple of Cocker Spaniels 01010442 Couple of Cocker Spaniels Matte 1960 1965 $3,000.00
Swing 01000867 Swing Glazed 1957 1959 $5,250.00
Girl's Head PP140dg Girl's Head Glazed 1968 N/A $1,600.00
Girl's Head PP140dm Girl's Head Matte 1968 1968 $1,250.00
Warrior Boot (Large) PP130G Warrior Boot (Large) Glazed N/A $750.00
Contemplation (Matte) PP120M Contemplation (Matte) Matte 1969 1970 $2,000.00
Warrior Boot (Large) PP130M Warrior Boot (Large) Matte N/A $1,050.00
Girl With Butterfly PP141 Girl With Butterfly Matte N/A $1,350.00
Hebrew with Bandoneon PP151 Hebrew with Bandoneon
Glazed 1974 1977 $1,600.00
Child Playing - Lamp PP111 Child Playing - Lamp Glazed 1960 N/A $1,900.00
Dog & Snail PP101G Dog & Snail Glazed 1954 1959 $1,050.00
Oriental Boot PP061G Oriental Boot Glazed N/A $700.00
Oriental Boot PP061M Oriental Boot Matte N/A $1,200.00
Lady Ballerina PP121M Lady Ballerina Matte 1969 1970 $2,000.00
Boy Reading - Lamp PP112 Boy Reading - Lamp Glazed 1960 N/A $1,900.00
Flat Shoe with Straps PP062 Flat Shoe with Straps
Glazed N/A $1,000.00
Herons at Rest PP142 Herons at Rest Glazed 1957 1962 $2,650.00
Swan Bending Neck PP132 Swan Bending Neck Glazed N/A $850.00
Swan  (Neck Up - Tall) PP122 Swan (Neck Up - Tall) Glazed N/A $850.00
Swan (Neck Up - Short) PP122b Swan (Neck Up - Short) Glazed N/A $875.00
Dog & Snail PP102G Dog & Snail Glazed 1960 1965 $800.00
Dog & Snail PP102M Dog & Snail Matte 1960 1965 $940.00
Little Duck PP123 Little Duck Glazed N/A $875.00
Shoe with Laces PP063 Shoe with Laces Matte N/A $1,150.00
Warrior Boot (Small) PP133G Warrior Boot (Small) Glazed N/A $750.00
Warrior Boot (Small) PP133M Warrior Boot (Small) Matte N/A $1,000.00
Mother/Child PP134 Mother/Child Glazed N/A $1,750.00
Dress Boot PP124 Dress Boot Glazed N/A $1,500.00
Boot with Talis PP064 Boot with Talis
Glazed N/A $0.00
Girl Caring Geese 01004510a Girl Caring Geese Glazed 1965 N/A $1,945.00
Diana w/Small Deer 01004514a Diana w/Small Deer Matte 1954 1959 $2,100.00
Angel Thinking 01004539a Angel Thinking Glazed 1957 1959 $650.00
Don Juan 01014609a Don Juan
Matte 1969 1970 $1,500.00
Shoe with Heel PP114G Shoe with Heel Glazed N/A $900.00
Shoe with Heel PP114M Shoe with Heel
Matte N/A $1,000.00
Blue Egg w/Lace & Flowers PP135 Blue Egg w/Lace & Flowers
Glazed N/A $1,000.00
Dove  (Turned Right) PP125 Dove (Turned Right) Glazed N/A $700.00
Shoe PP115 Shoe Glazed N/A $1,000.00
Dove  (Turned Left) PP126 Dove (Turned Left) Glazed N/A $650.00
Furniture  (Couch) PP116 Furniture (Couch) Glazed N/A $1,150.00
Girl in Chair/Pedestal PP136 Girl in Chair/Pedestal
Glazed N/A $3,500.00
Girl's Head w/Shawl (Matte) PP137 Girl's Head w/Shawl (Matte)
Glazed N/A $1,750.00
Dove  (Forward) PP127 Dove (Forward) Glazed N/A $650.00
Furniture (Chair) PP117 Furniture (Chair) Glazed N/A $785.00
Spring Bouquets (Prototype) 01007603/SP Spring Bouquets (Prototype)
Glazed 1987 1987 $2,650.00
My Buddy (Prototype) 01007609/SP My Buddy (Prototype) Glazed 1989 1989 $3,100.00
Dog Sitting PP118 Dog Sitting Matte N/A $1,000.00
Little Dove PP128 Little Dove Glazed N/A $650.00
The Jockey (Uncatalogued) PP138 The Jockey (Uncatalogued)
Glazed N/A $880.00
Dog Sitting (SET) PP118a Dog Sitting (SET) Glazed N/A $1,100.00
Dog Sitting (Glazed) PP118bg Dog Sitting (Glazed) Glazed 1960 N/A $1,000.00
Dog Sitting (Matte) PP118bm Dog Sitting (Matte) Matte N/A $1,000.00
Seated Cellist PP129 Seated Cellist
Glazed N/A $2,200.00
Vase  (Jose Lladro) PP119 Vase (Jose Lladro) Glazed N/A $4,500.00
Puppy PP139G Puppy Glazed N/A $900.00
Puppy PP139M Puppy Matte N/A $1,000.00
Cat CatMatte Cat Matte N/A $1,000.00
Children Playing ChildrenPlay Children Playing Glazed 1958 N/A $8,150.00
Baby With Glasses BabyGlasses Baby With Glasses
1950 N/A $0.00
Black Ballerina BlackBallet Black Ballerina
Glazed 1960 1960 $7,250.00
Polar Bear PolarBear Polar Bear Glazed 1965 N/A $3,400.00
Lladro Plate (Juan Lladro) LladroPlate Lladro Plate (Juan Lladro) Glazed 1940 1950 $4,700.00
Squirrel Squirrel Squirrel Glazed 1960 N/A $1,800.00
Pump Shoe PumpShoe Pump Shoe Glazed 1965 1970 $600.00


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