Related Set - Menina Collection (5)

Menina Collection (5)
Many LladrĂ³ sculptures stand alone with no piece variations, companions, or sets to keep them company. If you are looking for a specific theme or thought to display beside your lonely figurine, try searching by keyword(s) to find the synergistic match you are looking for.

  Item # Name Finish Issued Retired Price
Glazed 1996 2019 $5,200.00
LA MENINA 01007031 LA MENINA Re-Deco 2007 N/A $5,370.00
Menina Gold 01007084 Menina Gold Re-Deco 2007 2011 $1,150.00
Menina 01018252 Menina Gres 2006 2011 $1,000.00


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