Related Set - 2021 Introductions (21)

2021 Introductions (21)
Many LladrĂ³ sculptures stand alone with no piece variations, companions, or sets to keep them company. If you are looking for a specific theme or thought to display beside your lonely figurine, try searching by keyword(s) to find the synergistic match you are looking for.

  Item # Name Finish Issued Retired Price
FLOWERS MARKET 01002023 FLOWERS MARKET Glazed 2021 N/A $12,690.00
FRIDA KAHLO (BLUE) 01002026 FRIDA KAHLO (BLUE) Glazed 2021 N/A $4,000.00
LIFE IS FLOWER (Black & White) 01008796 LIFE IS FLOWER (Black & White) Glazed 2021 N/A $5,750.00
GORILLA FIGURINE (BLUE-GOLD) 01009403 GORILLA FIGURINE (BLUE-GOLD) Glazed and Gold Lustre 2021 N/A $940.00
Rey 01009414 Rey Gloss and Matte 2021 N/A $1,050.00
Rhinoceros Beetle 01009478 Rhinoceros Beetle Matte 2021 N/A $700.00
Hercules Beetle 01009479 Hercules Beetle Matte 2021 N/A $845.00
Dragon-Fly 01009480 Dragon-Fly Matte 2021 N/A $1,060.00
I Have Super Powers Baby Boy 01009482 I Have Super Powers Baby Boy Gloss and Matte 2021 N/A $450.00
I'm A Superheroine Girl 01009483 I'm A Superheroine Girl Gloss and Matte 2021 N/A $595.00
Hero To Rescue Boy 01009484 Hero To Rescue Boy Gloss and Matte 2021 N/A $595.00
Atlas 01009492 Atlas Matte & Gold Lustre 2021 N/A $1,990.00
Panther Figurine (Black) 01009496 Panther Figurine (Black) Glazed 2021 N/A $720.00
Little Monkey 01009498 Little Monkey Glazed 2021 N/A $595.00
Moneky Vase 01009499 Moneky Vase Glazed 2021 N/A $1,100.00
Celestial Angel 01009532 Celestial Angel Matte 2021 N/A $1,150.00
Straw Hat in the Wind Girl 01009533 Straw Hat in the Wind Girl Glazed 2021 N/A $465.00
Tue Love Heart 01009534 Tue Love Heart Glazed 2021 N/A $1,100.00
In Her Thoughts 01009537 In Her Thoughts Matte 2021 N/A $2,075.00
PENGUIN FAMILY (BLUE) 01009539 PENGUIN FAMILY (BLUE) Matte & Gold Lustre 2021 N/A $595.00
Macaw Bird Vase 01009540 Macaw Bird Vase Glazed 2021 N/A $1,825.00


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