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  Item # Name Finish Issued Retired Price
Old Folks 01001033 Old Folks Glazed 1969 1985 $1,590.00
The Family 01001201 The Family Glazed 1971 1986 $2,250.00
Family Lamp (US) 01023467 Family Lamp (US) Matte 2014 N/A $1,405.00
Sisters 01004930 Sisters Glazed 1974 1981 $890.00
The Family Portrait 01007255 The Family Portrait Glazed 2008 N/A $2,090.00
You Can Do It! 01008324 You Can Do It! Glazed 2007 2015 $395.00
The Essence Of Life 01008589 The Essence Of Life Matte 2011 N/A $1,315.00
Expecting 01008622 Expecting Glazed 2012 2023 $1,215.00
Welcome Home 01009455 Welcome Home Matte 2020 N/A $515.00
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Page 1 of 1 (9 items found)

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