Policies & Procedures

Janet's policies and procedures are specifically designed to serve the best interests of both buyer and seller of "retired" Lladró. In particular, we try hard to provide sellers with the best possible price consistent with the market supply of each individual item. Likewise, buyers must access prices that are consistent with equivalent quality and availability generally in the marketplace. In this continuing effort to be a reputable market maker, our Policies and Procedures are meant to be transparent and are subject to change as needed.


Active Pieces

A RETIRED COLLECTION, LLC. does not deal in "active" pieces that are currently in production. We deal solely and exclusively in the secondary market for retired Lladró figurines from the company's primary core collection. "Retired" means they are no longer in production. We do not carry other Lladró brands or Lladró-related brands such as NAO, Zaphir or Hispania.

Dealer Referrals

Please click HELPFUL LINKS tab for Janet's List of Recommended Authorized Dealers. No fees are received or paid by us to recommended dealers. However, we do ask participating dealers to provide reciprocal referrals to us for discontinued Lladró figurines needed by their customers.

Your Referrals

All contacts referred to us through the Refer-A-Friend page of this web site and all new accounts are automatically added to our mail and email updates. A RETIRED COLLECTION, LLC. has no wish to have its communications considered "spam," and anyone may opt out of these updates at any time simply by contacting us and asking to be removed.



Unit prices listed on our Web site represent either our own actual last sale price or the price at which we are able to make our next sale.

These prices do not include the cost of shipping and insurance.

Our prices are based on a compilation of our actual or anticipated cost for each individual item plus a mark-up of 20-25%. On any given sale, our estimated replacement value may deviate from this general formula for assorted variables such as sculptures with or without original box, with or without signature, those available locally vs. overseas, etc.

We can only deliver at the prices indicated if our Web site is currently showing the figurine as available. All items are subject to prior sale by listed seller(s).

Sculptures may well be available from sources other than ourselves at net unit prices substantially more or less than those shown on our Web site.

We do accept listings in U.S. Dollars, Euros or British Pounds, all of which are automatically adjusted daily by exchange rates to USD. This daily currency conversion facilitates our ability to buy from lowest seller first.

We also caution that prices often change, up or down, based on real-time actual inventory sold and/or entry or deletion of listings by sellers, etc.

Most major insurance carriers will accept a print-out from our Web site as appropriate verification of current replacement value. Click PRINT PAGE button at upper right hand corner of Item Detail page to print and attach page to your insurance claim.

Lladró U.S.A. expressly does not make any representations with regard to our data.


Quality Guarantee

We guarantee customer satisfaction through careful item inspection to 100% perfect MINT condition before shipment to you. If you are not completely satisfied upon receipt, you may return the item for full refund.


Need Help ?

If you experience any problems with this site, email janet@aRetiredCollection.com
or you may call 941-387-0102. Janet is Ext. #2 and Mark is Ext. #1.

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