A RETIRED COLLECTION, LLC - Lladró Figurines Wanted List

Lladró Figurines Wanted List

Collectors are anxiously waiting to buy the figurines listed below. If you own any of them - or there are any other retired items you want to sell - feel free to post them to our FREE listing service. Click here to list products for sale.

Selling Procedure:    When we have a buyer, our system automatically buys from the lowest seller first. We always try to keep at least 20-25% of the Web site selling price as our fee. In other words, if you list a piece at your own desired net of $400 (including shipping to us for inspection to 100% perfect MINT condition), we will try to sell it for $500+. If we have a seller at $375, we will buy from that lower seller before your piece listed for $400. After sale is confirmed with a buyer, you will be instructed by email to ship the piece to our office for inspection. Checks are issued to sellers on Tuesday for figurines inspected during the previous week. It is then our responsibility to re-ship to and collect payment from our buyer.

  Item # Name Finish Issued Retired Wanted #
Collecting Lladró BOOK Collecting Lladró Other 2001 2001 1
Pulse of Africa-Incense Cones 01020041 Pulse of Africa-Incense Cones 2006 2015 1
Valencian Girl 01000054.04 Valencian Girl Glazed 1957 N/A 2
Ballerina with Rose 01000091.06 Ballerina with Rose Glazed 1957 N/A 1
Ballet 01010094.06 Ballet Matte 1957 N/A 1
Vanity 01000098.06 Vanity Glazed 1957 1969 3
Boys with Grapes 01000099.06 Boys with Grapes Glazed 1958 1959 1
Hawaiian 01010100.06 Hawaiian Matte 1959 N/A 1
Choir Boy 01000116.06 Choir Boy Glazed 1956 N/A 1
Young Harpist 01000117.06 Young Harpist Glazed 1965 1965 5
Teenage Boy 01010228.09 Teenage Boy Matte 1958 N/A 1
Nativity Chorus 01000242.10 Nativity Chorus Glazed 1962 1980 2
Polar Bear 01000299.13 Polar Bear Glazed 1965 N/A 1
Choir Boy 01000306.13 Choir Boy Glazed 1961 N/A 1
Martin 01000329.13 Martin Glazed 1968 N/A 1
Lady in Blue 01000361.13 Lady in Blue Glazed 1959 N/A 1
Stingray (Travel) 1045065 Stingray (Travel) Glazed N/A 1
Girl's Head with Flowers 01001391 Girl's Head with Flowers Gres 1981 1983 2
Bust with Black Veil 01011538 Bust with Black Veil Capricho 1988 2004 1
Cross of Hearts No. 6 01001654 Cross of Hearts No. 6 Matte 1989 1991 1

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